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Refurbished Mobile Phones

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Nokia C5-00
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Buy refurbished mobile phones at TrendyBharat

As new gadgets are coming in the market old gadgets are being disposed off and are no more in use. But, in terms of mobiles it’s not. Refurbished mobiles have now created an interest in the old Nokia phones and want to keep them as a collectible and use them. You won’t find such kind of phone lovers in majority. But, they still exist and look where they can get the best refurbished phones at affordable prices.

The technology is changing and so are the choices of people. They are always in search of updating their smartphones with the new ones. They want to explore the latest technology as soon as it comes in the market. And, then there is a separate section of people who still have craze for the phones that have been discontinued.

This section of people is not only of those who are looking for ordinary keypad phones but are also who want to have smartphones. Yes! There are people who are looking for smartphones which have been discontinued. But, now you can buy refurbished smartphones online at affordable prices.

What are refurbished mobiles?

Refurbished phones are basically those mobile phones which were initially purchased but, due to some manufacturing defect they were returned to the seller. But these phones are then repaired by the technicians. These phone are those which are used once or twice and then offered for sale. But the best part of using a refurbished phone is they are passed through different levels where the quality is checked. These phones are restored to their original condition and made sure that it is of great quality and then put forward for selling.

So, now when you know what are refurbished mobiles you can think of buying a phone that have been discontinued. These phones are easily available online at affordable prices. Now you don’t have to get stuck in mediators for looking for second hand phones. It’s time you increase the standard of your options. Now don’t go for second hand products which are generally not in proper working condition. Go for refurbished ones. You can even find unboxed and refurbished mobile phones online which are in great working condition.

How refurbished mobile phones are different from unboxed mobiles?

Unboxed mobile phones are those which have been bought by customers and they have removed the seal of the box but not yet used the phone. These phones are also thoroughly checked by the technicians and then offered for sale. You will get all the accessories, manufacturing warranty and other papers. The best thing of buying these phones is you will get a phone of great quality and in working condition. But, you can find some kind of wear and tear on the packing of this phone which was because they have gone through the shipping process.

Refurbished mobile phones are those which have been used once and twice and which have been discontinued by the manufacturer. These phones are bought by people who want to keep them as collectible or can’t afford expensive phones. These are called “second hand phones”. Whereas, unboxed phones are those whose manufacturing seal is opened by the user but the phone is not yet used.

Why buy a refurbished phone?

A person who is in love with old technology would go for refurbished phones rather than buying new technology which costs expensive. As said these are those phones which are discontinued and sold at a very less price. You won’t find those keypad Nokia phones, blackberry phones in the market anywhere as they have been discontinued. The most important reason of buying a refurbished phone is it will cost you less. You can even buy those phones which you couldn’t buy earlier as they were costly.

Why not go for a refurbished phone when you get a phone in proper working condition. With guarantee and warranty papers and that too at affordable prices.

Tips on how to buy refurbished phones

If you are planning to buy refurbished phones then you need to be very careful. Buying refurbished phones can be easy but you need to keep following points in mind before buying.

Check the factory settings: Refurbished phones are phones which were originally used by someone and even had some data in it. So make sure the phone is clear and has no data of the previous user. If you find any data of the previous user, it indicates that the phone is not fully refurbished.

Charges for games and applications: Check your bill after using the apps because some apps incur charges. A factory reset device will only have applications and games that are of the factory programs.

Check the accessories: Make sure you get all the accessories in the box including the battery, charger and in some phones company provide earphones. Make sure you are getting battery and the charger as the phone will not respond without these two.

Check ESN: Every device has an ESN number under the battery which is the electronic serial number which is unique for every device. By using this unique number you can easily contact the manufacturer and know all the history about the phone and the previous user.

Check the warranty: Make sure you get the warranty of the product which includes that any damage to the product would be covered under the warranty and if this is not included then no point buying this device.

Trustworthy retailer: Before buying a refurbished phone you must make sure the retailer or the manufacturer is reputable or trustworthy person. Make sure you know about the credentials of the seller and the refurbisher.

Price: A refurbished phone is available at a price which is less than the new one. If you observe that the refurbished phone is available at a price similar as new phone then you are making a wrong decision. It can also be possible that the phone is priced too low but it can be due to the poor working condition. Be careful.

Locked or Unlocked: Some phones don’t work with all operators as they are locked so if your phone is not responding with your operator then it is a possibility that your phone is locked. If you are unable to identify then you can the provider to help you find whether the phone is locked or not.

History of the phone: There are some phones that have some mechanical problem and that problem persists even after it is refurbishing. Do a proper research about the phone before buying. It can have some kind of operating system issue or hardware issue.

Return Policy: If you want to buy a refurbished phone then go through the return policy thoroughly.  If they provide no return policy then never buy the product. They might be selling you a damaged product.

Why buy refurbished mobile phones from TrendyBharat?

TrendyBharat one of the best ecommerce portals has now introduced a new category of refurbished mobile phones and has great offers for their customers. We have a wide range of refurbished smartphones and basic keypad mobile phones at affordable rates.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the product. It is checked thoroughly by the technicians and then only put forward for sale. In India this is the best online shopping site putting forward refurbished phones for Nokia lovers. As we all know Nokia has discontinued its products but we have it all. You can even find Blackberry mobile phones here.

The list of phones in this category is very vast. Have a look at our collection and start filling up your cart with all phones that you always wanted but due to high prices you couldn’t buy them. Now, as the prices have decreased you can buy them at affordable prices.

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