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Excercise Bike

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Excercise bikes are standard gym equipment that none of the gym clubs tend to do away with. It is an indispensable apparatus for cardio vascular workout regime. It provides a full body strenuous workout. The target areas which it covers primarily are legs, buttocks, and upper body allat one go. Mere 20 mins on an exercise bike can be as beneficial as 45 mins workout with weights and others. Exercise bikes offer attractive prices, and often is the most popular exercise bikes.

Different and Interesting types of Exercise Bikes

Upright Exercise Bikes:

These are the most conventional and stereo type bikes, that we are familiar with. They stand up like a typical bicycle structure along with seats and pedals. The only distinguishing part between upright bike and normal bicycle is that this one is stationery, and used for exercise purpose. It provides cardio vascular and lower body workout to the lazy bones. It is even better if the rider leans forward and grips the handlebar while riding. Distance tracking and resistance adjustment are the two common features of these upright bikes.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes:

A chair like bike with big and comfortable seats and back rests. The position of the rider is partially reclined with the bikes pedals located in front of the exercise bike. Recumbent exercise bikes render additional support with better back support. The latest in built features in such includes LCD display time, heart rate, calories burnt, distance and time count.

Indoor Cycles:

Indoor Cycles have a mini exercise bike and its seats are way close to the real bikes. And signify that they are not as comfortable as the before mentioned types of bikes. However, they are still a favorite among fitness enthusiasts who seek the authentic workout feasible.

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