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Mosquito Repellent

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Baby Massage Oil
Baby Massage Oil
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Runbugz Floor Cleaner (250ml)
Runbugz Floor Cleaner (250ml)
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Mosquito Plain Patches:

Mosquito plain patches are made usingnatural ingredients which are chemical free, and non toxic. They are also waterproof and available in great designs. Peel off the patch and attach on clothingof your kids, walkers or strollers.Theyare not meant to be directly applied on skin. Eventually, do not expose patchesto direct sunlight.

Mosquito killer racket:

Rechargable mosquito killer racket is amust buy for every household. Electronic  mosquito killer racket will keep you stay away from mosquitoes and pesky bugs. Just swing it in the direction you feel mosquitoes flying. For all the people who face frequent problems due to grave infestation of mosquitoes, flies and other irritating insects, these mosquito killer rackets are best suited. Rechargable electronic mosquito racket comes as a perfect solution to combat ever growing mosquito problem. This mosquito killer racket incorporates a unique three layer design which is capable of killing various insects by passing through sufficient voltage of electric current for a short duration of time. It has a compact design. Some of the rackets even constitute a LED torch which is extremely easy to incorporate making it comfortable and convenient to move around without any fear of seasonal diseases such as malaria and other mosquito inflicted diseases. These rackets have a simple and easy method of functioning, with the insect killer racket that come with an activation button fitted on the handle that you need to switch on every time you need to kill mosquitoes.

Mosquito Sticks:

Our distinguish range of mosquito sticks makes mosquito fly away in no time with the engaging and light fragrance. It has been formulated by natural substances and thus helps in repelling mosquitoes. The fragrance of the sticks is not over powering andgives a subtle and soft aroma all over the place. It has the capacity to burn for almost an hour without any hiccup. Some of the mosquito sticks have 50, 100 asper pack size. Choose your pick today, and keep mosquito at bay from your near and dear ones. These mosquito sticks are produced from pure trees, roots, herbs,spices and natural aromatic substances.

Anti mosquito floor cleaner:

It is aunique formulation that disinfects floors and repels mosquitoes. Citronella oilbased emulsion cleaner. It gives a spa like fragrance and abstain mosquitoes at large. No alcohol, no benzamide and no harsh chemicals make this mosquito repellent and disinfectant a smart choice. Got kids at home, this one will all your worries about them in mosquito breeding season. They are appropriate forall floor types.

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Our various kinds of mosquito repellents such as Mosquito Killer Rackets, Mosquito Sticks and Floor cleaners can be used as per your convenience and need to kill mosquitoes at large. We provide you safe mode of payment such as cash on delivery, payment through debit cards, credit card payments, net banking and payment through wallets option. Return or exchange of product after purchase is hassle free.