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Men's Wallets

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Grey Men Wallet
Grey Men Wallet
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Buy the best wallets for men online

Men's wallets are becoming more stylish day by day. With different designs and shapes, these wallets are attracting men more and more. When you look for the best wallets for men you check out its colour, shape, space, etc and then make your buy. Not only for the looks, wallets also should have smart space to store the 3Cs- (Cash, Cards, Coins). Trendybharat offers a wide range of such wallets made from the best quality materials that will make your jaw drop. In addition, these wallets are available online with huge discounts and combo offers so that you can buy them in the most feasible manners.

Different types of men's wallets to invest in

Be it leather wallets for men or non-leather ones, Trendybharat has every kind for you. Our storage of wallets is colossal. Not just the designs but the types also vary. We have every kind of wallet which come handy during different activities in life. Have a look at the types of wallets we have:

Bi-Fold wallets

The standard wallets you usually see men carry with themselves. Also known as two-fold wallets, these classic types come with many sections where you can store cash notes or cards of all sizes. They are made of various alligator skin, snake skin, faux leather, polyester, nylon, etc. It gives a luxurious feel to the user.

Tri-fold wallets

The tri-folds are elder brothers of the bi-fold wallets. They have an extra fold making them bigger wallets with extra storage. You can easily insert cards, notes, coins, pictures, bills, etc in them. The central part has a big transparent space where you can put up an image of you, your spouse, your family, Gods, Goddesses, et al. These long wallets for men are big but can easily slide into your pocket.

Card holder wallets

If you are a guy who owns stacks of cards, then this wallet is surely the one you are looking for. They are soft, spongy men's accessories which are usually bi-fold and have structured spaces for the cards to be placed. Whether you have credit cards, debits cards, PID cards, passports, business cards, membership cards, discount cards, cash memos, etc your card holders are perfect storage wallets for all.

Clutch wallets

The first question that may pop your mind is 'Aren't clutches for women?' Yes they are, but there are specific kinds for men also. They have distinctive manly looks and are perfect for storing many things. From the 3Cs to bills, pens, pencils, diaries, mobile phones and a bunch of other things can find a room in these designer wallets. If you are a frequent traveller then a clutch wallet should be within your clutches!

Wallets for men, slim or long are available in Trendybharat. Ask yourself which one is your personal favourite?

Branded wallets at affordable price

If you love to have wallets from the best brands available, then Trendybharat is the right place for you. Woodland, Swiss Military, Puma and many other popular brands which produce the best money bags in the world, are all available right under one section in Trendybharat. Some other wallets brands popular in India includes, which Trendybharat offers at affordable price includes- Laurels, The Blue Pink, TSX, GetSetStyle etc.

The number one online store for wallets

With amazing deals and discounts, we provide the best wallets at lowest prices in India. We also have a wide array of wallets for women too. Check out every men's leather wallets and make your buy. You can choose net banking or online wallets to make cashless transactions or simply click on Cash On Delivery to pay after you receive.

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