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Dupattas and Stoles

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Accessorize your outfits with ladies stoles online:

A stole is quite like a shawl which is long enough to drapearound your body. A wide array of stolesonline is there to adorn every fashion conscious lady. A stole add anexquisite finishing touch to your attire instantly. It is necessary to have apretty collection of stoles which will perfectly complement your every outfit. Ladies stoles are coming forward onlinewith different fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton, chiffon and much more. Thereare plenty of variations available when it comes to buying stoles. Stoles whichare made of cashmere, mink, Pashmina or silk are considered to be morefashionable and expensive. You will find a wide range of rich quality scarvesand stoles online at which can set off a fresh trend. Awoman’s wardrobe is never completed without an offbeat set of stoles andscarves. Besides, choosing the right stole with suitable outfit is a big task.There are various suitable stoles available online for casual, formal andtraditional events. When it comes to a formal event, women should go for thosesimple and light coloured stoles to making it look appropriate. Scarves and stoles are what all a womanneeds to jazz up their outfits. If you are heading towards a casual event teamup bright coloured Pashmina stoles with shirts, tank tops or strapless tops.Selecting the right length of stoles is another tricky task. Large stoles canbe worn perfectly by petite women. Generally stoles come in one size and suitevery woman flawlessly. But it is important to drape the stole properly.

Types of stoles to look for at

Fashion stoles are emerging as one of the most essentialaccessories for women. Stoles are quite alike scarves, but much longer thanscarves. You’ll find an attractive series of stoles online in India at, which can never go outof fashion. The website brings you a vast array of stoles from trusted Indianbrands such as Kashmirvilla, Little India, Phulkari, etc. In terms of types,there can be patterns such as woolen Kashmiri shawls, Pashminas, embroideredstoles, solid coloured plain stoles and more.

Kashmiri shawls:

Kashmirishawls are famous for its rich fabric, designs and warming factor.The pure woolen fabric and handmade embroidery usually encompass floral,brocade and traditional designs. Just wrap around a kasmiri shawl over yourneck in order to adorn your overall appearance. Be it a traditional outfit orwestern one, a kashmiri shawl go entirely with every attire.


Pashmina is a type of wool, which comes from a goat calledChangthangi with superior quality. These stoles are famous for their softnessand warmth. Pashmina shawls are elegant and sheen which drapes nicely. Pashminascome in vibrant colours and can be worn with various clothes such as kurtis,jeans and top, sarees and even with winter wear.

Embroidered stoles:

These stoles are simply available in woolen and handloomfabrics. The rich designs on these stoles vary from affluent thread works withmulti-coloured styles, which can exclusively balance an offbeat appearance. Wearthese embroidered stoles with your traditional outfits in order to catch theattention of a fashion alert crowd.

Plain stoles:

Plain stoles are complementary for every occasion. These stolescan be worn with a wide range of traditional as well as western outfits. Be ita pair of denims with matching tops or a traditional kurti. These stoles can besimilar to woolen shawls as well andcan be available in various fabrics and vibrant colours.

Styling tips on wearing stoles:

There are numerous techniques available when it comes tostyling up ladies shawls and stoleswith several outfits. If you are bored with the same old techniques of wearinga stole, here are a few useful tricks for you to follow while wearing stoles.

Simple One-loop:

This is one of the easiest ways to wear a stole. Drape astole around your neck with one end hanging till the waistline and other one alittle longer. Make sure both the ends of your stole are hanging about the samelength. Try out this style with a pair of denims and t-shirt.

The knot loop:

This style of draping a stole is quite simple and goes withseveral casual outfits. Wrap a stole around your neck and put the loose ends throughthe loop in order to form a knot. A stole can be worn this way by both male andfemale. You can wear designer shawlsusing this method as well. Try out a wearing a stole using this technique whenyou are wearing a jacket or cardigan.

The traditional drape:

Go for a feminine style of draping a stole with this type.Wrap a stole around your neck completely and tuck the loose end at the onecorner of your neck. This style gives you an entire classic look if you team itup with skirts and maxi dresses.

The multi drape:

Multi draping refers to draping a stole aroundyour neck and then knotting the loose end together. Twist the large loop aroundyour neck and bend another end similarly to make it look like number 8. Wearthis style to flaunt a casual look. the one stop web shopping hub: lets you enter a pleasant online shoppingarena with a wide range of clothing, footwear, accessories, books and more. Thewebsite brings you essential products at affordable prices from Indian fashionbrands like Evan, 27Avenue, Lakme, Little India, etc. Bring home refreshingfashion products today!